Parents’ Knowledge about Preventing Child Sexual Abuse among Primary Health Care Attendants in Ministry of Health, Jeddah, 2013

Zobeida O. Eljaaly JPFCM, Jeddah Background: Child sexual abuse is a worldwide problem which carries a consequent mental and psychological hazards to the victims; no community is safe from its occurrence even in conservative ones; it is still concealed under a pile of ideas which are almost all conceptualized around stigmatization of disclosing it. Despite […]

Knowledge of Primary Care Physicians About Food Allergy in Jeddah City, 2014

 Asma Saleh AL-Ghamdi JPFCM, Jeddah Background:  Primary care physicians, including paediatricians and family physicians, are often the first and sometimes the only clinicians to diagnose and manage food allergy in a child. Objectives: To assess the knowledge of the primary care physicians in MOH, Jeddah regarding food allergy. Subjects and Methods: A cross-sectional descriptive study […]

Assessment of Knowledge and Attitude toward Alzheimer’s disease among Primary Health Care Physicians and Neurologists, MOH Jeddah 2013

Fatma M. Almotairy JPFCM, Jeddah Introduction:  The number of patients with dementia is expected to increase as the population aging. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. Most of the patients with Alzheimer’s disease receive care from health care professional that are not specialized in dementia or geriatric. Professional knowledge about Alzheimer’s disease […]

Assessment of knowledge among hepatitis c patients regarding their disease at King Abdul-Aziz university hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 2013

Dekra Mohammed Bazarah JPFCM, Jeddah Background: Lack of knowledge and awareness about Hepatitis C in the community often leads to misinformation, missing of opportunities for prevention and treatment, and stigmatization of infected populations. Objectives: To assess the knowledge of hepatitis C as well as to identify the educational and counseling health needs of hepatitis C […]

Prevalence of Anemia and Associated Risk Factors among (6-8) years old Children attending Preschool Clinic in Al-Iskan PHC Center of National Guard Hospital, Jeddah-2013

Nisreen Alhamedi JPFCM, JEDDAH Background: Globally, anemia is a common disease which is affecting almost one quarter of the population. Preschool age children the most prone to encounter anemia. Consequences of anemia include health problems in addition to suppressed scholar achievement. Despite its importance, there is paucity in researches describing its prevalence and risk factors […]

Survey of Insulin Site Rotation and Barriers in Youth with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus in Maternity and Children Hospital Jeddah 2013

Sameer Y. Rizq JPFCM, Jeddah Background: Injection site rotation is an important component of insulin administration and is helpful in preventing lipodystrophy in type  1 diabetes  mellitus (T1DM). We examined the number of injection/infusion sites (sites) used by youth with T1DM and their perceived barriers to using new sites for insulin. Objectives: To determine the […]

Knowledge, Practice and Infection Control Measures of Viral Hepatitis among Pedicurist at female pedicure facilities in Jeddah city, Saudi Arabia, 2013 – 2014

Huda Yousef Al-Aidaroos JPFCM, Jeddah Background: Hepatitis B and C are common blood borne diseases which affect millions of people worldwide with subsequent burden on the health systems. Workers in some occupations are at risk of acquiring these diseases as well as disseminating it to others. Among these occupations are the manicurists and/or pedicurists. Despite […]

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Cervical Cancer Screening among Intermediate and High School Teachers in Jeddah, 2012

Hadeel Al Zahrani JPFCM, Jeddah Background: Cervical cancer is the most common cancer of the female genital tract, and accounts for approximately 250,000 deaths per year worldwide, most of which occur in developing countries. According to the Saudi registry 2007 report, cervical cancer is the 13th most frequent cancer in Saudi women and the 6th […]

Prevalence of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) among Female Secondary School Adolescents and Its Impact on School Performance in Jeddah City- 2013 )1434h)

Aziza  Al-Amoudi JPFCM, Jeddah Background: Research on premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is generally rare in the Gulf countries, a region with unique cultural features that might influence expectations and self-perception of the disease. Objectives: To estimate the prevalence of PMS and measure its impact on school performance and absenteeism among secondary school female adolescents in Jeddah […]

Knowledge and Attitude of Primary Care Physicians towards Sleeping Disorders in Primary Health Care Centers of Ministry of Health, Jeddah 2013-2014

Shoroug E. Ibrahim JPFCM, Jeddah Background: A Sleep disorder is one of the new and rapidly growing specialties in the field of medicine. The importance of this specialty and the size of the problem are underestimated by many workers in the medical field due to lack of physicians education in sleep and sleep disorders. Objectives: […]

Weight Reducing Supplements among Overweight and Obese people in Primary Health Care: Utilization and Predictors Jeddah 2013

Fawaz M.T urkistani JPFCM, Jeddah Background: Obesity has increased in prevalence ,which making the obese people to follow the easy way to lose weight and taking supplements for this purpose without the knowledge of their efficacy and safety of these supplements. Objectives: To estimate the prevalence and identify predictors of weight loss supplements utilization among […]

Assessment of Maternal Health Care Seeking Behaviors Toward Treatment of Acute Diarrhea of their Children in Jeddah 2013

Mohammed EsmailQashqary JPFCM, Jeddah Background: Diarrheal diseases are one of the leading causes of infant and child mortality and morbidity in Saudi Arabia. In recent years, epidemiologists and social scientists have devoted increasing attention to studying health-seeking behavior associated with acute diarrheal diseases. Objectives: To estimate the prevalence of acute diarrhea, assess the mothers’ health […]

Prevalence of low back pain among health care providers in a security forces hospital , Riyadh- SA

Bandar Al_Agl FM training Program – Security Forces Hospital, Riyadh Background: Low back pain (LBP) is a relatively ignored but highly prevalent clinical condition in adult population especially those working in some professions including health care. A number of risk factors are associated with the development of this condition, most of which are related to job. […]

Practice of patients counseling in regard to health promotion by primary health care physicians in Al-Madinah, SA

Mansour Mohsen Almuzaini Family medicine program almadinah almunawarah Aim : This study aims to measure the level of health promotion practices among primary health care physicians in Al-Madinah by counseling patients for adopting healthy habit by quitting smoking and avoiding physical inactivity. This Cross sectional study carried out in PHCCs of Al-Madinah city. Result : […]

Knowledge and perception of male secondary school students in Jizan about common NCDs and their risk factors

Dr. Ali AlHagawy Joint program of Family Medicine at Jazan – 2016 Background: Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) constitute a large group of diseases that are of long duration. Assessing the knowledge and attitude of young adolescents at schools regarding NCDs and their risk factors would help in identifying their misconception regarding this issue and putting programs […]

Assessment of physicians knowledge & facility availability for bronchial asthma management in the PHC, MOH – 2013

Noura Mansour Al Qahtani JPFCM, Jeddah Background: Many asthma patients continue to be under-diagnosed, under-treated, and are at a risk of acute exacerbations. Physicians’ knowledge and facility availability for bronchial asthma management in the Primary Health care could play an important role in this regard. Objectives: To assess asthma care facilities availability according to the […]

Barriers facing primary health care physicians in Jeddah when dealing with emergency cases 2013

Dr. Majed Abdullah Aloufi JPFCM, Jeddah Background: Medical emergencies that arise in the PHC centres are a great source of concern for practitioners and PHC centres staff. Proper planning for the unexpected medical emergencies can help alleviate some of this anxiety and improve patient safety within PHC centres. Objectives: To estimate the prevalence of emergency […]

Prevalence with Assessment of Parent’s Awareness about the Difference between True Strabismus and Pseudostrabismus in the First Two Years of Life in King Abdul-Aziz University Hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 2013

Malikah Al-Ghalib Alsharef JPFCM, Jeddah Background: Strabismus is one of the most commonly known eye conditions in infants, children and adults. Its impact on the affected patient may be severe resulting in visual loss, lack of binocularity, diplopia, social stigma and multiple corrective surgeries within the affected individual’s lifespan. Objectives: To determine the prevalence of […]

Satisfaction of pregnant women attending antenatal care clinic in King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital Primary Care Center 2013, Jeddah

Hind Jamal Faisal JPFCM, Jeddah Background: Quality of antenatal care is an important determinant of pregnancy outcome. Satisfaction and dissatisfaction indicate women’ judgment about the strengths and weaknesses, respectively, of the service. Objectives: To assess the level of satisfaction of pregnant women attending antenatal care clinic in King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital (KFAFH) Primary Care […]

Awareness of vitamin D deficiency and associated risk factors among attendees in family medicine clinics, KFSHRC, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 2013

Shorouq Al Qahtani 2012-13 JPFCM, Jeddah Background: The Physical and biological risk factors for vitamin D inadequacy are known, however, cultural-and population-specific behaviors and attitudes that influence these risk factors are less well documented. Objectives: To assess knowledge of the Family Medicine clinics` patients and their relatives who are accompanying them toward vitamin D deficiency […]