Barriers facing primary health care physicians in Jeddah when dealing with emergency cases

Dr. Majed Abdullah Aloufi Joint Program Family & Community Medicine, Jeddah – 2013 Background: Medical emergencies that arise in the PHC centres are a great source of concern for practitioners and PHC centres staff. Proper planning for the unexpected medical emergencies can help alleviate some of this anxiety and improve patient safety within PHC centres. […]

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of the Primary Health Care Physicians at Ministry of Health, Jeddah city, Toward Adolescent Health

Dr. Saeed Ali Alzahrani Joint Program Family & Community Medicine, Jeddah – 2014 Background:  Adolescents don’t present to their family doctors frequently as they considered as one of the healthiest periods in life. Despite of that, they face great risk for developing many of the very common and serious health problems, many of which are […]

Knowledge and Satisfaction about Saudi Clinical Guideline in Management of Obesity among Bariatric Surgeons of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Shahd Abdullah Alshaikhi Joint Program Family & Community Medicine, Jeddah – 2014 Background: Overweight and obesity represent a rapidly growing pandemic of public health problems. In Saudi Arabia, the prevalence of obesity at 2013 was 28.7%. Physician adherence to practice guideline is critical to improve health outcomes. Objectives: To assess  knowledge about Saudi clinical […]

Knowledge of Primary Health Care Physicians Toward Elder Maltreatment and Identification of Their Perception of Barriers in Detecting and Reporting Elder Maltreatment in Jeddah

Dr. Shaza Jalal Hashem Joint Program Family & Community Medicine, Jeddah – 2014 Elder maltreatment has a wide range of prevalence as showed in previous studies worldwide. It is associated with increased the risk for morbidity and mortality of the elder. Only small proportion of elder maltreatment cases are detected and reported. Therefore, it is […]

Knowledge and Practices among Ministry of Health primary health care physicians Towards Urinary Tract Infections in Children, Jeddah

Dr.Khalid Algabasani Joint Program Family & Community Medicine, Jeddah – 2014 Background: Acute urinary tract infections (UTIs) are relatively common in children. It is important for primary care physicians to appropriately diagnose and treat urinary tract infections in children. Objectives: To assess knowledge and practices of primary health care physicians in Jeddah towards urinary tract […]

Assessment of knowledge and barriers that encounter Primary Health Care Physicians in the diagnosis of Dyslipidemia in the Primary Health Care Centers of Ministry of Health, Jeddah

Dr. Ahmed Hussain Joint Program Family & Community Medicine, Jeddah – 2014 Background: Due to the tragic raises in the prevalence of both obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus in Saudi Arabia, which are associated to changes in style of living associated with modernization and socioeconomic growth , adverse changes in the level of blood […]

Knowledge and Self-Reported Practice of Travel Medicine Among Primary Health Care Physicians Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Ahmed M Al Ali Joint Program Family & Community Medicine, Jeddah – 2014 Background:  Travel medicine concerned with the protection of health and prevention of disease that may occur among international travelers. As the Primary health care physicians represent the main level of care responsible mostlyfor preventive services, consequently the current study aim at […]

Emotional Distress and Metabolic Control in Diabetic Patients Attending Primary Health Care in the Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Mohammed Mahdi Al-Smaeel /  Dr. Ahmed Zaki Alawami Saudi Board in Family Medicine Residency Program – Dammam University –  2014   Background: Recognition and treatment of emotional distress, which affects 20 to 40% of outpatients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, are important because of its association with worse diabetes self-care, poor glycemic control, […]