Factors that influence Medical Student to study Medicine

Dr. Abdullah AlEssa National Guard Program  – Riyadh 2014/2015 Introduction: In saudia arabia the influential factors and reasons for choosing the medicine as career has been taking a big part of concern for both medical students and Saudi workforce planning. As it may affect student learning, a ,academic performance and imbalance distribution of medical students […]

Parental Perception of Video Games effects on School- Aged Children and Their Knowledge of Screen-Time Recommendation

Researcher : Dr. Lobna  Al-Ahmad National Guard Program  – Riyadh – 2013/2014 Abstract: Objective. Due to the widespread use of videogames among Children, the purpose of this study was to understand parental beliefs about videogames effect on children, their knowledge of screen-time recommendation and parental monitoring of their children’s video game exposure. Methods. Total of 350 parents of school […]

Burnout and sources of stress among nurses working in Family Medicine, Primary health care clinics and Ambulatory Care Clinics (ACC),in Riyadh, King Abdul-Aziz Medical City, National Guard Health Affairs

Researcher :  Dr. Afaf  Mohammed Alshehri National Guard Program  – Riyadh – 2013/2014 Abstract: Background:Nursing has been recognized as stressful occupation. Different sources of stress can affect the nurses & on long term this stress can lead to burnout syndrome among nurses.Nurses suffering from burnout can experience physical, psychological and behavioral health problems. The aim […]

The Association Between Infant Feeding Patterns And Type I Diabetes In Children At Ministry Of National Guard – Health Affairs Hospital – Riyadh, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

Researcher:Dr. Reem Al-Shammari National Guard Program – Riyadh  2012/2013 Abstract Background: There is little information on the association between early infant feeding and type 1 diabetes in children in Arabian countries. Aim of the study: To investigate the influence of breastfeeding as a protective agent against the onset of diabetes in children. Material and methods: […]

Prevalence Of Asthma, Rhinitis And Eczema Symptoms In Rural And Urban School-Aged Adolescents From Riyadh Region – Saudi Arabia: A Cross-Sectional Study

Researcher : DR. IBRAHIM ALZEER National Guard Program – Riyadh  2012/2013 Abstract Background: Asthma and allergies has become the most common chronic disease among children. Little information is available about the prevalence of these diseases in Saudi Arabia especially among adolescents and in rural areas, so our aim to describe the Prevalence of asthma, rhinitis and […]

Knowledge, attitude and practice of parents attending National Guard Primary Health Care in Riyadh regarding children’s car safety seat

Researcher:  Dr.Shaimaa Andijani National Guard Program – Riyadh  2012/2013 Abstract Background:Motor vehicle accidents can cause life threatening injuries to children. Use of car safety seats isthe most reliable way to keep children safe during transportation. Objectives: To evaluate parents’ knowledge and attituderegarding car safety seats, to detect the rate of use and reasons of non-use. Methodology:A cross-sectional […]

Hypothyroid presentation and TSH screening in pregnant women visiting National Guard Health Affairs antenatal clinics

Researcher: DR. FARES ALKAHTANI National Guard Program – Riyadh  2012/2013 Background: hypothyroidism is not an uncommon endocrine disease in pregnant women in KSA. There are multiple adverse outcomes to the pregnant women and their babies which can be prevented by TSH screening in first antenatal care. Objectives: the aim of study was to explore the […]

Sleep Quality Assessment in Saudi Type 2 Diabetic Patients

Researcher : DR. Ahmed AL-Qurayn National Guard Program – Riyadh 2012/2013 ABSTRACT BACKGROUND: Prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is increasing in our society and is associated with high morbidity and mortality. Patients with diabetes have higher rates of sleep disturbances and poor sleep quality. OBJECTIVES: To assess the subjective sleep quality in Saudi diabetic […]

Health Literacy among Visitors to Family Medicine Clinics in National Guard – Riyadh

Researcher : Dr. Abdullah AlRibdi National Guard Program – Riyadh  Background:Health Literacy defined as “the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions.Low health literacy had been associated with worse health status and poor health outcomes. Main Objective: To assess […]

Patients’ Utilization of Written Health Education Materials and Perception to Material Quality in a Primary Health Care Setting

Researcher : Dr. Alhan Haji National Guard Program – Riyadh Abstract: Background and objectives: Health education (HE) is one of the main components of PHC. Written materials are considered one of the main methods for health education. However, we don’t know what our patients usually do with the current HE materials. This study was conducted […]