Survey of Insulin Site Rotation and Barriers in Youth with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus in Maternity and Children Hospital Jeddah 2013

Sameer Y. Rizq

JPFCM, Jeddah

Background: Injection site rotation is an important component of insulin administration and is helpful in preventing lipodystrophy in type  1 diabetes  mellitus (T1DM). We examined the number of injection/infusion sites (sites) used by youth with T1DM and their perceived barriers to using new sites for insulin.

Objectives: To determine the number and location of injection/infusion sites reported used by youths with type 1 DM in maternity and children hospital Jeddah 2013.

Methods: One hundred  youth with T1DM completed a 20-item survey about site rotation practices and barriers to site rotation during a routine diabetes appointment.

Results: Forty percent of youth reported using at least four distinct sites in their rotation plan, while 32% reported using only 3 site and 28% used 2 site. Forty eight percent  reported they are afraid new sites would be painful (p value 0.003).  Fifty one percent (51%) reported they tried new sites and it is more painful (p value 0.001). Forty two (42%) percent reported they are  Comfortable with the current routine and not want to try new site (p value 0.001).  Eighteen (18%) percent reported they Have had problems with new sites (e.g., leaking insulin, infusion site problems) (p value 0.005). Eleven (11%) percent reported that It is hard to get to new sites to do an injection/place infusion site p value 0.003).

Conclusion: The role of health education should be done  and regular follow up to make sure the patient is adhering to rotation plan is critical for diabetic medical plan. also to discover their barriers and dealing with it soon.



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