Assessment of Knowledge and Attitude toward Alzheimer’s disease among Primary Health Care Physicians and Neurologists, MOH Jeddah 2013

Fatma M. Almotairy

JPFCM, Jeddah

Introduction:  The number of patients with dementia is expected to increase as the population aging. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. Most of the patients with Alzheimer’s disease receive care from health care professional that are not specialized in dementia or geriatric. Professional knowledge about Alzheimer’s disease is necessary to provide the appropriate care to the patients.

Methodology:  In this study knowledge about Alzheimer’s disease was assessed by the validated Alzheimer knowledge scale among the primary care physicians and neurologists in the MOH in Jeddah. Also, attitude toward Alzheimer’s disease were assessed via dementia attitude scale on the same group.

Result: The results showed low level of knowledge about Alzheimer’s disease (average of 62.5% correct answers). The deficit of knowledge was more in aspect of risk factors of Alzheimer’s disease and caregiving. On the other hand the attitude was slightly positive. Also, there was positive correlation between the knowledge about Alzheimer’s disease and the attitude toward it.

Conclusion:  This study demonstrates specific deficit in knowledge among the primary care physicians and specific training program in dementia is suggested to improve the knowledge and the services provided for patients with Alzheimer’s disease.


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