The Prevalence and Factors Associated with Job Satisfaction among Family Medicine Specialists Working in PHCC of Ministry of Health in Makkah Al-Mokarramah in 2015

Aymen Ismaeel Gholam

Makkah Joint Ptogram


To measure the prevalence of job satisfaction among family medicine specialists working in PHCC of MOH in Makkah Al-Mokarramah in 2015.


Job satisfaction associated with increased productivity and performance. It is important to understand job satisfaction to make improvements in the appropriate areas. This study aimed to achieve better family physician satisfaction, that lead to better patient management& quality of care.


A cross sectional study was conducted during 1 month in 2015 among all family medicine specialists working in primary health care centers in Makkah city, a self-administered questionnaire was used to collect the data.


Forty family medicine specialists agreed to participate in this study, of which 22 (55%) were male and 18 (45%) were female, 22 (55%) were Saudis. with mean age score 35.6±6.3. The participants showed mid-level of overall job satisfaction. Regarding this, the majority of participants, 17 (42.5%) were dissatisfied, 15 (37.5%) were satisfied, while the rest, 8 (20%) remained neutral about this issue. Of those whom are dissatisfied, 64.7% were females. Nevertheless, high number of all participants, 20 (50%) reveals their wishes to leave or change their current job.


Generally, family medicine showed overall a mid-level of job satisfaction. Further studies need to be conduct on national basis among family medicine physicians in all cities of the kingdom, to assess level of job satisfaction and to determine the factors influence this satisfaction.


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