Prevalence and Factors Associated with Stress Among Family Medicine Residents in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, 2015

Khairyah Bakur Barasyn

Makkah Joint Program

Background: Medical education is observed as a stressful educational career, and medical students exposed to stress during their undergraduate studies, internship, and residency training, which affects their cognitive behaviour, practical life, and patient care.

Objectives: To estimate the prevalence and associated factors of stress among family medicine residents in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, 2015.

Subjects and methods: A cross- sectional study was adopted included all

family medicine residents enrolled in Joint program in Makkah. A self administered questionnaire in English language has been distributed. It consisted of two main parts; the first part included personal information while the second part included Kessler 10 Psychological Distress (K10) instrument that been employed to measure stress levels.

Results: The study included 58 family medicine residents. Their age ranged between 25 and 32 years with a mean±SD of 28.1±2.0 years. Overall, stress was reported among most of them (77.7%). It was mild among 25.9%, moderate among 25.9% and severe among 25.9% of them. Among studied factors, older age and R4 residency level residents expressed significant higher rates of stress. Conclusion: Perceived stress is very common among family medicine residents enrolled in Joint program in Makkah. Severe form encountered almost one-quarter of cases. A stress management programs during residency is highly recommended.


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