Prevalence and factors associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome among secondary schoolgirls at Al-Iskan sector, Makkah Al-Mukarramah 2015

Hadeel Khaled Makkawi

Makkah Joint Program

Objectives: To estimate the prevalence and determine the Risk factors associated with PCOS among secondary schoolgirls, in   Al-Iskan sector, Makkah, 2015.

Methods: This study includes 493 secondary school students from al-Iskan sector, The researcher distributed a self-administered questionnaire for each student. Then the height, Wight and waist circumference measured for each participant.

Results: 493 female students involved in the study .For PCOS group the mean of BMI was 25.5±5.3 and for without PCOS group the mean of BMI was 21.4±3.6   (p<0.001). Waist circumference for PCOS group the mean was 77.4 ± 10.8 cm and for without PCOS group the mean was 70.3 ± 7.4 cm  (p< 0.001). Regarding the medical and family history , 23 (85.2%)  from the 27 cases of diabetes had PCOS (p=0.006) , 33 (91.7%) from the 36 cases who had family history of PCOS had it (P=0.007), 188  from the group who had irregular menstruation had PCOS (P<0.001), concerning the number of menstruation per year , 104 from 108 of the participators who had 6-10 menstruation and all the participators (37) who had less than 6 / year had PCOS (P<0.001). 162 (53.5 %) who reported menstruation symptoms had PCOS, 196 (64.7%) who reported acne ,113 (37.3%) who had hirsutism , 122 (40.8%) who loosing hair . 18 (52.9%) who reported pregnancy delay ,189 (62.7%) who reported overweight , lastly 204 (67.3%) who reported difficulty in diet had PCOS (P<0.001) for all .

Conclusion:  PCOS is one of the most common disorder among childbearing women, it presented with varies symptoms & signs, several factors associated with PCOS like obesity, Insulin resistance, irregular ministration & hyperandrogenism. PCOS need more focusing,  treating & preventing  in order to  reduce its effects on  the health .

 Recommendation:  Reducing weight & changing lifestyle reducing the negative effects of PCOS.More educational program need to raise the level of awareness. Insert the information of PCOS in high school curriculum


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