Perceptions Towards Evidence Based Medicine and Implementation Obstacles at primary care clinics, King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital, Jeddah city, Saudi Arabia, 2013

Nayef Abdulrahman Aljohani

JPFCM, Jeddah

Objectives: This study was conducted in the Military hospital primary care clinics to determine the perceptions and attitude, as well as to identify obstacles towards practicing Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) among physicians.

Methods: A cross-sectional study using a previously validated self-administered (electronic) questionnaire was conducted.

Results: Out of the 120 primary health care physicians invited to participate in the study, 113 responded, giving a response rate of 94.2%. Fifty two percent of the responders were males and 54% were Saudi.  Qualifications of participants included MBBS degree (69%) and Board or equivalent degree (14.2%).  Mean rating score (scale 1 to 10) of physicians’ attitude towards the current promotion of EBM was 8.01. Family medicine consultants and physicians previously attending EBM courses showed significant positive attitude towards EBM. They also showed significantly higher awareness of EBM resources and understanding of EBM terms. Use of EBM databases in clinical decision making was not high as 28.3%, 24.8% and 24.8% used TRIP database, Cochrane library and Clinical evidence, respectively. Lack of personal time (84.1%), availability and access to information (77.9%) were the main reported barriers against practicing EBM.

Conclusion: Primary health care physicians in clinics of KFAFH, Jeddah showed a welcoming attitude towards EBM, but awareness of EBM resources understanding of its terminology was suboptimal.



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