Family medicine residents in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: how much do they know and how confident are they in performing minor surgical procedures?

Mohammed Andijany, Mohammed AlAteeq

National Guard Program , Riyadh



Minor surgical procedures (MSPs) are an essential part of the practice of family medicine (FM). However, there are several barriers that prevent most family physicians from performing them.


This study aims to explore the knowledge, practice, barriers and reported self-confidence of FM residents in performing MSP in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (SA).


A cross-sectional study was conducted by distributing questionnaires to 267 FM residents in Riyadh.


The response rate was 71.91%. Residents had a mean knowledge score of 15.75% and a mean interest score of 10.4 out of 12. Out of 23 MSPs surveyed, residents had performed a mean average of 9.18. The mean of residents’ confidence scores was 30.8 out of 69. The most common barrier to performing MSPs was a lack of training (115; 59.9%), while the least common barrier was a lack of interest (113; 58.9%). Generally, residents consider that the most effective way to improve their performance was to undergo more intensive education in this area, while they reported that the least effective way was to increase the duration of some rotations in the program.


A majority of FM residents were interested in MSP, but had low perceived knowledge, low reported confidence and infrequent practice. Individual resident programs should be further assessed and may be improved by providing continuous standardized training by a qualified and interested trainer within the FM setting


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