Assessment of Physical activity of resident physicians in Saudi Arabia using IPAQ 2015

Alhanoof Alotaibi

National Guard Program , Riyadh

Background: physical activity improves quality of life, helps to improve daily activities and have a good impact on health. Physician’s health matter
and studies showed that doctors’ own physical activity practices may influence their clinical attitudes towards physical activity.

Methods: A Cross-sectional study was conducted among resident physicians in Saudi Arabia from October 2015 to January 2016. We used an
online survey, which includes demographic data, residency program and counseling their patients, and the short form of international physical
activity questionnaire (IPAQ).

Results: 296 responses were received. Most of the residents (65.5%) have sedentary life and only 14.9 % have high physical activity. The most
active were ER residents followed by internal medicine residents (28.6%, 24.4%) respectively ,while pediatric residents and family medicine residents
were the most sedentary groups (73.7% , 70%) respectively. Residents who perceived their residency program as being stressful were found to be the
least active. The opposite was true for residents with low levels of perceived stress. Majority of residents (43%), frequently give advice of physical activity to their patients. At the same time, (52%) think that their physical activity level is affecting their counseling of physical activity to patients

Conclusion: most of residents are not physically active. They are also suffering from overweight and obesity. There should be more attention from
health institutions and government to provide supportive exercise environment for the population including residents.



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