Assessment of Asthma Control and Associated Factors among Asthmatic Patient Attending Primary Healthcare Centers In Makkah, KSA

Dalia Abdulrahman Alansari

Makkah Joint Program

Background: Asthma is the most common disease of the lung. In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), asthma is a major public health concern, affecting more than 2 million people. Asthma in KSA ranks 19th in terms of disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) and 26th in deaths.

Objectives: The objectives of this study were to evaluate asthma control status among asthmatic patient in primary health care centers in Makkah city and to identify trigger factors associated with impaired asthma control.

Methodology: A cross-sectional study was conducted in 167 asthmatic patients, aged equal or more than 4 years, were included. Each participant completed two tools; the first is a self administrated questionnaire and the second is ACT.

Results: Around one third (34.1%) of all asthmatic patients had been categorized as being uncontrolled, in addition to about one quarter (24.6%) who were partially controlled. The dust is the commonest trigger for exacerbating asthmatic attack among our patients 153 (91.6%) followed by exposure to incense, detergent and essence 145 (86.8%). Also exposure to common cold 137 (82%)  and cold weather 133 (79.6%(

Conclusion: Impaired asthma control among asthmatic patients was high in Makkah when compared to the controlled asthma patients and that what we observed in researches done in the different region in KSA. However, the prevalence of impaired asthma control among asthmatic patients in Makkah was the lowest when to compared to researches done in Riyadh and Taif.



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