Primary healthcare physicians’ attitude and perceived barriers regarding minor surgeries

Dr. Ali Wahab Al-Faraj

Family Medicine Joint Program , Eastern region – 2007

Objectives: To determine the importance of minor surgical procedures that could be done by physicians or general practitioners at Primary Healthcare Centers (PHCC) and to determine the important and major obstacles for physicians’ inability to perform minor surgeries (MS) at PHCC.

Methodology: Data was collected through a self-administered questionnaire distributed to all primary healthcare physicians in 26 PHCC in Al-Qatif by the official mail of Al-Qatif PHCC Administration. Data was also collected by filling a checklist by the researcher. The data was analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Science.

Results: A total of 61, out of 70 physicians working in Al-Qatif PHCC, completed the self-administered questionnaire which yielded an overall response rate of 87%. 42 (68.6%) participants found themselves as competent to practice MS, and 19 (31.2%) found themselves as not competent to practice MS at PHCC. The highest mean for the degree of importance and confidence, when comparing both, was the insertion of sutures with a statistically significant P value (0.000). Coded surgical referral in all Al-Qatif PHCC over 1-year was 6,187 (25.4%) out of 24,369.

Conclusion: Most of the physicians in Al-Qatif PHCC are interested and feel competent in performing MS and they encourage establishing MS program in the PHCC. However, majority of the physicians in Al-Qatif PHCC are not confident in practicing most of the procedures listed in the survey, although they believe that these procedures are important in their practice.

Keywords: Ambulatory surgeries, day surgeries, minor surgeries, primary healthcare, primary minor surgeries;year=2015;volume=3;issue=2;spage=67;epage=73;aulast=Alfaraj


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