The Impact of Training of Primary Care Physicians’ on Knowledge and Awareness about Child Abuse and The National Family Safety Program, Jeddah, 2014, A Randomized Controlled Trial

Dr. Nuha Sharaf

Joint Program Family & Community Medicine, Jeddah – 2014

Background: Child abuse and neglect cases are becoming more common in our community.  General physicians in primary health care have an important role in detecting, assessing, reporting, treating and preventing these cases.

Objectives: To compare the effectiveness of a structured training program on child abuse and national family safety program (NFSP)awareness, with the traditional distribution of educational material and law of protection from abuse booklet on child abuse.

Subjects and Methods: This was a randomized controlled trial study conducted among general physicians of primary health care in Jeddah city.  Starling Survey was used to compare knowledge and awareness of two groups of physicians who were randomly allocated to either a control group that received traditional educational materials or an intervention group who received a structured training program.The main outcome was the starling survey scores.

Results: Sixty-three primary health care physicians participated in the study, with 28 in the control group and 27 in the intervention.  The majorities were females (60, 6 % to 66.7%respectively),and 80% to 70% were unaware of the NFSP.  Both groups demonstrated improved awareness of NFSP. The structured training program showed more efficiency compared by educational materials method  in improving comfort regarding dealing with child abuse cases with a mean rank of 22.39 (control)Vs. 33.81(intervention) (p <.007); knowledge of child abuse and neglect cases mean score 4.24 Vs.6.8 out of 10 (p < 0.001).

Conclusion: There was poor of knowledge of child abuse and neglect casesand awareness of the national family safety program among general physiciansin primary health care in Jeddah. The structured training program was moreeffective comparedto distributing traditional educational material andlaw of protection from abuse booklet on child abuse,in improving knowledge and awarenessof NFSP indicating the need to increase training programs to physicians


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