Unintentional Home Injury in Children up to age 12 years Reported by Mother Attending Vaccination Clinic in Al-Rusifa PHC center, Makkah Al-Mokarramah, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Laila Saleem Aloufi

Joint  Program of Family Medicine – Makkah Al-Mokarramah – 2013


Childhood injury at home is a major public health problem that requires urgent attention. It is among the most common preventable worldwide health problems.


To estimate the overall prevalence of home injury in children up to 12 years old among mothers attending vaccination clinic, its most common types, associated factors and outcomes in Al-Rusifa primary health care in 2013.


A cross–sectional approach was carried out among a representative random sample of mothers attending vaccination clinic in Al-Rusifa PHC, Makkah throughout the study period and having one child or more of 12 years old or less. An interview questionnaire was used as a tool for data collection. It was developed by the researcher and consisted of 3 parts; socio-Demographic data of the families, presence of home injury in children and detailed questions about the child who is affected by injury.


The study included 172 mothers having children less than 12 years. Their age ranged between 19 and 49 years with a mean (SD) age of 29.7 (5.7) years. The prevalence of home injury affecting children up to 12 years old in Al-Rusifa primary health care, Makkah was 20.9%. The most common reported home injury was falls down (62.2%) followed by sharp cut wounds(20%) while burns was reported by 8.9% of home injury cases. Exactly half of them were managed at home ,but 30.6% of them were treated at hospital and resent home. Majority of injured children (86.1%) were fit after the accident while only 8.3% were temporary disabled. Mothers in the age group 26-35 showed higher significant rate of child`s home injuries than others.


Almost a fifth of children of 12 years old or less reported unintentional home injuries among mothers attended Al-Rusifa primary health care, Makkah. The common reported type of injury was falls down. Child safety and injury prevention programs need to be tailored to the home environment at different setting


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