Quality and Effect of Breaking bad news among inpatients of Al-Noor hospital, makkah

Dr. Thuraya Ahmad Rumbo

Joint program of family medicine in Makkah – 2009/2010

Back ground:

breaking bad news is an essential skill of any physician,Training and values support open and honest communication between physician and patient. As a result, physicians are in an ideal position to help patients with a terminal disease face their illness with compassion and dignity.


To assess perception of quality, effect & factors associated with breaking bad news among inpatients.

Methodology :

This was a cross sectional analytic study among in patients, Data were collected through interviewing patients by researcher herself using a pre-designed questionnaire. Which consisted of three parts, first section included demographic data, second section included the quality of breaking bad news using ABCDE Buckman model, and third section included the effect of breaking bad news on patient status…Results:the study included 200 inpatients, more than half of them were female (52%) and (35% ) were aged 50 years or more,  the mean percentages of satisfaction for questions regarding advanced preparation, building the therapeutic environment.  Communicating well, dealing with patient’s reactions and encouraging emotion. There was a statistically significant association between quality of breaking bad news with both age and gender of patients. Breaking the diagnosis had more physical effects (44%) on in patients, However, psychologically effect was (40%) and the least was social effect (16%). Age, gender, marital status and financial status were significantly variable in relation to perceived quality by patients in all parts of ABCDE Buckman model,


Good physician-patient communication potentially offers the most rewarding aspect of total patient care. The way in which patients are involved in their care and the way in which physicians elicit and impart information contribute to quality of patient prognosis.


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