Health Promotion Practices among PHC Physical regarding (smoking cessation &physical activity

Dr.Mansour AL- Muzaini

Joint Program  – AlMadinah 2011

Aim : 
This study aims to measure the level of health promotion practices among primary health care physicians in Al-Madinah by counseling patients for adopting healthy habit by quitting smoking and avoiding physical inactivity.

Result : 
Male constitutes 46.7% and female constitutes 53.3%. Saudi constitutes 19.1% and Non-Saudi constitutes 80.9%. General practitioners constitutes 77.6% and Family physicians constitutes 22.4% of the total study population.
Forty nine point three percent of the study population always asked smoking history, 47.9% advised to stop smoking and 63.2% offered smoking cessation advice to patients if the present illness was related to their smoking habit.
Thirty three point six percent of the study population provide counseling how to stop smoking, 5.9% referred the patients to the Smoking Cessation Clinic where as 5.9% prescribed NRT and 3.9% recommended their patient to buy NRT.
Seventy point four percent of the study population always asked Physical activity status, 74.3% always advised patients for Physical activity and 6.6% referred the patients to the physical exercise practitioner.

Conclusion : 
This research has a source of information with respect to the primary care providers and demonstrated that lifestyle of patient can be changed if good counseling technique and good referral trend would be adopted.

This study findings indicate that healthy behavior practice counseling is low. This studies would provide baseline data for physical activity and smoking quitting advise, interventions and allow evaluation of these programmers.

On the basis of low counseling and referring practice of primary care physicians need suggestions for improving primary-care training and supports for health-promotion services are offered


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