Parental Perception of Video Games effects on School- Aged Children and Their Knowledge of Screen-Time Recommendation

Researcher : Dr. Lobna  Al-Ahmad

National Guard Program  – Riyadh – 2013/2014


Objective. Due to the widespread use of videogames among Children, the purpose of this study was to understand parental beliefs about videogames effect on children, their knowledge of screen-time recommendation and parental monitoring of their children’s video game exposure.

Methods. Total of 350 parents of school aged children (6 to 17 years) were Surveyed. Questionnaires were distributed in 3 primary care centers. The Questionnaire included questions about parental age, education, gender age of children, parents knowledge of their children’s favorite video game, type of device used to play, their knowledge of recommended screen time and parental beliefs about video games effect on children.

Results.Parents believe that video games can have both good and bad effects on children.  40% of parents know the recommended screen time. 90.3% of parents think it is important to monitor their children video game exposure although many parents may not restrict their children’s video games playing habits.

Conclusion. Most parents believe in the importance of monitoring their Children’s video game exposure but less than half knows the recommended Screen time. Parents should be educated on the possible effects of video games and awareness should be increased on screen time recommendation.

Key words: video games, parents, school aged children , screen-time , monitoring.


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