Perceptions and effects of antenatal education

Dr. Amal Bin Russaiss , Dr. Mohammed AlAteeq

National Guard Program – Riyadh  2009 / 2010


To assess the quality and effect of antenatal health education on health-related issues during pregnancy, and the benefits to women during the peri-partum period.

This is a descriptive study of 300 women attending the Postnatal Clinics and Women Health Clinics in 2 Family Medicine centers at King AbdulAziz Medical City, National Guard Health Affairs, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The study was carried out between November 2009 and February 2010. A predesigned questionnaire was used.
Three hundred women completed the questionnaire. Most women made their first antenatal visit during the fourth month of pregnancy, and most had 3-6 antenatal care (ANC) visits. Highly educated mothers had significantly more ANC visits and attended the first visit earlier. Nearly 80% of subjects were satisfied with the health education provided during ANC visits. Multiparous women were found to receive less health education than primiparous women. Most reported receiving education on breast feeding (83%), signs of labor (75.3%), and baby care (74.7%). However, most of the subjects did not receive all of the important information that should be given during ANC. There was a negative linear relationship between health education score of women and their age.
This study quantified the inadequate level of health education received by pregnant  women during ANC.


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