Patients’ Utilization of Written Health Education Materials and Perception to Material Quality in a Primary Health Care Setting

Researcher : Dr. Alhan Haji

National Guard Program – Riyadh


Background and objectives:

Health education (HE) is one of the main components of PHC. Written materials are considered one of the main methods for health education. However, we don’t know what our patients usually do with the current HE materials. This study was conducted to assess patients’ utilization of current written HE materials in PHC setting, explore the patients’ opinion of how should a good quality material be, and to determine best modality for health education.


This is a cross-sectional study that was conducted in three PHC centers at King Abdul-Aziz Medical City in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Data was collected through a self-administered questionnaire from 250 Arabic speaking subjects aging above 14, both genders, in the period from June to July 2014.


Fifty five percent of participants usually get written health education materials from PHC waiting areas. The majority usually read one or more materials, remembered the information and found it helpful.Written materials brought change to 77% as they applied the written message. Twenty five percent of participants read written materials regularly and more than half usually spent time reading it in the PHC’s waiting area. Around 51% put the material back to its place after reading it. The preferred design of the written materials is card that includes text and graphs and discusses healthy lifestyle as advices. More than 90% believe that written materials are effective for health education, but still want direct advice from health care providers.


Patients do utilize the current written HE materials in a positive way. More effort needs to be done to improve the quality of written Health Education materials. Different health care providers should contribute more in health education.

Key words:

Health education, primary health care, written materials


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