Knowledge, attitude and practice of parents attending National Guard Primary Health Care in Riyadh regarding children’s car safety seat

Researcher:  Dr.Shaimaa Andijani

National Guard Program – Riyadh  2012/2013


Background:Motor vehicle accidents can cause life threatening injuries to children. Use of car safety seats isthe most reliable way to keep children safe during transportation.

Objectives: To evaluate parents’ knowledge and attituderegarding car safety seats, to detect the rate of use and reasons of non-use.

Methodology:A cross-sectional survey was carried out on parents of 400 children from February 2013 to May 2013in Pediatric and Family Medicine clinics of National Guard primary healthcare. Descriptive analysis of all variables in the questionnaire was done, along with  exploration of relationships using chi-square, and logistic regression.

Results:It was found that 85.3% parents were aware of car seat safety while only 30% used it. Their mainsource of knowledge was TV and media. The main reason for not using CSS was considering it unnecessary.The knowledge and useof CSS correlated significantly with the level of education and the income of parents.

Conclusion : The awareness among parents is reasonable; however the use of car safety seats is quite low. Parental knowledge of correct use of car safety seats is less than optimum. Physicians have a significant role to play in educating parents.Parents value the need of educational programs about CSS. It is necessary to establish laws to mandate using of CSS.


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